How to Convert MP3 WMV and MP4 Files with VLC Player

How to Convert MP3 WMV and MP4 Files with VLC Player

VLC player has come to be the standard video player for many PC and Mac users throughout the years and offers some unique features that programs like Windows media player do not.

For the vlc player, it has an added featured that gives users the ability to convert their videos in the following formats MP4, webm, WMA, OGG, and MPEG. It also allows you to convert your videos to Mp3 format. Although free and convenient, some downsides to converting with the VLC feature that it doesn’t give you the ability to change the original file size before converting.

So, now like all file conversion programs, the conversion time is dependent on how long your videos or audio files are.


1 First, Open VLC player.


2 Go to menu >> Click Media >> Navigate down to Convert and Save.


3 Add file in the dialog box.  and Click the convert/save button.


4 Click Profile and choose your desired format to convert.


5 Choose File Destination.


6 Click Start.


Assuming that you followed all the necessary steps your should have desired converted video.

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