How to Remove Avast From your Computer

How to Remove Avast From your Computer

Avast has long provided PC users security- both through personal computers, browsers, and even mobile owners.

And even though it makes an ideal anti-virus solution software giving users security protection and they added a VPN network via through browser. But, maybe that’s not enough to keep it installed and some people may be finding the avast program to be somewhat tedious, especially when it comes to uninstalling the software… you could be stuck with it. Leaving PC users to be in search of a more dedicated anti-virus security program.

But whatever your reason(s) for wanting to remove avast, I’m here to offer tips on how to remove avast from your pc using a free piece of software.

First, you want to download the free software uninstaller program IObit Uninstaller and install it.


1 Search and Find Avast Software and Click Uninstall.


2 Check the Remove Residue files Automatically then Click Uninstall. 


3 Now Click the Avast Uninstall Unity to fully Uninstall Avast Software.


4 Once Completed you will be prompted to Restart your computer in ”Safe Mode” Click Yes.  Your PC will be rebooted in ”Safe Mode”.

5 Once in Safe Mode Click Avast Uninstall Unity to Uninstall –  When Completed Click Restart.


The takeaway, hopefully, you didn’t skip step 2. If not you’re in the clear.

Avast doesn’t allow users to just uninstall their software unless the Unity is in use.


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