How to Download Videos from YouTube without Software

How to Download Videos from YouTube without Software

YouTube has made it both easy and or complicated to download videos throughout the years. Even leading some to use faulty software(s) that only end up becoming incapable over time.

And for those who could still be in search of such tools. One of the most convenient ways to download YouTube videos (whether yours or others) is through your browser. Which browser? well, your default may or may not do the trick, for such instance- FIREFOX could be the most ideal browser for downloading YT videos- while the suppose Chrome, now lacks the ability to complete such task.

Whether it’s content creators or just someone who just wants to download their favorite video. And looking for ways on how to download videos from YouTube without any software- here are some firefox Addons to help do that.


1 First, Go to Firefox  >> Menu >> Tools>> Addons

2 Search: YouTube Download (Many options may appear) – Install it and restart the browser. You want this Add-on:

3 Choose your video of choice then Click the Quick Download option from the Addon.


The YD addon allows you to download videos in HD by default. Located by the video info would appear the download feature- that lets the toggle the download format which means you can download the video ONLY- or you can download the audio Only which is then automatically converted MP3 audio.

How do you like this add-on…

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