How to Block Websites on Firefox and Chrome Browsers

How to Block Websites on Firefox and Chrome Browsers

When browsing the web and stumbling upon content you may deem unwarranted, or general spammy sites you much rather avoid. Parents who want to setup safety parameters. The Firefox and Chrome browsers have add-on features that allow you to block websites. The two add-ons that that be would be focused on are both free to use, just simple up your password and you’re set.

First, on Firefox Go to menu bar Tools >> Add-ons

2. Search: Block Site and Install it.

3. In the menu Bar the add-on would appear – Click on it when you want to block a website.

In the Restricted Access Page: The bottom right corner is the ”Option Page” click on it

Navigate to the bottom of the page in ”Tools” here is where you can SET your Master Password > Set it.  The Firefox browser would offer you the Ability to ”Save Password” for security purposes you should click No.


Or you have to remove the Add-on and reinstall it.


Now to install a blocker for Chrome.

First, Open the chrome browser and go to Chrome Web-store.

2. Search: Site Blocker >> Install it >> Go to menu Click on the puzzle symbol. Click the Add-on Pin so it can appear on the menu bar.

Now, to block a site right-click on the page extension should click Block site.

To Unblock website just right-click mouse and click Unblock site.

On the Bottom Left Menu is where you can set your Password >> Set it.  and Remember It.

From the left side menu- the extension also lets you Set a website access timer feature, and a website whitelist for those sites you may still convenient.

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