How to Write a Book Review

How to Write a Book Review

So you just listened to or read your favorite or random book and want to give your feedback. How would you sum it all up?

Hell, we appreciate a little feedback whether good or bad. It’s how we can improve upon mistakes, and choose to correct them.  What’s good about ready-made content is that it already provides the participant a notion on a topic, you then take that notion and then reapply your own- but, usually in the form of an opinion. If the good is what you usually expect to find? then the bad may be lurking just two steps behind.  So if you’re looking to write only good reviews on a topic, product or service- doing so could not only hinder you from formulating a not-so-favorable opinion when writing about the product you may deem deficient, but it will also mislead readers from forming their own idea on the subject before reading it themselves.

Be thorough and honest when giving reviews, whether good or bad – it doesn’t matter, doing so will help you avoid confirmation bias.

Remember- review(s) are just one’s opinion, In this case- book reviews. You should be able to assess a hard book the same as an audiobook. How do you do it? There are ways to break down a book review although depending on your choice of hardcopy vs audio, and time spent reading vs listing. An audiobook can help some people memorize certain notes in chapters much quicker. It could also allow listeners to develop some sort of bond to the narrator’s (characters) voice. (There is an upside and down to that) but overall the review process should be the same.

Here are Some simple steps to follow when giving a book review

What was The Story About

Let readers or listeners know what was the book about? with a simple synopsis or with an author’s note. It doesn’t have to be in great detail- a quick overview can shed some light to the reader- you can even paraphrase it from your own perspective. It will let the readers know that you actually invested some time and read the book. If you don’t want to reveal any spoilers, then it’s better to be brief..


What was The Connection

Let readers know how you connected with the book, story and characters. Have you read any of the author’s past works? Was the book what you were expecting, if so what are your thoughts? How did the story make you feel, as you progressed through it? How did you relate to the characters? did you bond with any characters at all?

If the book was a Biography – what was or now is your view of that individual? People are often mindful or wary about giving their unsavory public opinions on others. You have to shed that mindset- if you want to write a piece on a specific person. You can be considerate when writing those feelings down on print or text.

For those who may be reading within the DIY, How-to guides, crafts niches the same should apply. What useful knowledge did you gain from the guides? Did they help at all? did you tweak the guides to your liking and found a better way to use them? Since the guides are there to help in the first place, innovation is something the reader can expand on. If you found a better way of using something- than what the author has provided you can now share it.


What is Your Conclusion

Summarize your conclusion and findings. Did the story fail to deliver or did it influence you in some way? Let people know why or why not, should the book be recommended? If you enjoyed it then let people know why they should put it on their recommendation/favorite list. If there is a collection of books (series) – how did the latest book compare? Did you drop the book? Tell the readers why.

Others out there may have a different interpretation of the book than you, so try not to treat your review as a definite outlook. As i stated in the aforementioned, i would become slightly suspicious of something that has a complete 100% positive review feedback, so criticism of something is a giving.


To give a simple recap of what to keep in mind when reviewing a book:

  1. The Story

  2. The Connection

  3. The Conclusion

When reviewing something like a book, service or even a movie – This 3 Step Method is the breakdown that a reviewer can find useful to expand insight to your reads. I would also recommend not be in a premature reviewing phase when reading your book- save it for your final thoughts.

Hope you found this helpful.

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